The greatest technology in our products


We are an Israeli software company which developed and still developing several solutions (in short):

1. Trust exams: we developed a platform were we generate exams to all the forces, and in matter of minutes we know , recognize and alert about people who are involved in Narcotraffic, traffic of information, use of drugs, violence, relations with terror and/ or organized crime and more. The platform allows to generate more exams, more investigation and detect hot zones, as well as specific people involved in action which can harm any organization

2. We have access to more than 108 satellites already and our platform recognize: illegal vessels , illegal airplanes, and we provide history from more than 100 countries about them , in addition to information about people involved in Narcotraffic, terror, organized crime, and more, including lot of information about this people and companies, including link analysis.

3. In our platform and with several sensors we can detect and find people within hundreds of persons in real time, were we hear every conversation including people whispering, we recognize the voices , what they are talking about and emotional strain on their voice , as well as face recognition in order to find situations that can provide us a real time alert.

4. Finding, recognizing and discovering carrying and concealed weapons and wanted / missing / black listed people in real time in the public street, without stopping them for a search, neither use of regular and conventional scanners.

5. A system that allows businessman , security forces and executives to know in real time the levels of stress of a person in a conversation in order to improve detection and know how to take better decisions in real time during and investigation and / or conversation.

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